Severus Snape como idea de profesor

Un artículo sobre el personaje de Severus Snape en la saga de Harry Potter y el rol de la escuela de magia que frecuentan los protagonistas. Hablando sobre Snape, la autora caracteriza el modelo de docente que encarna así:

Snape’s excellence as a teacher has nothing to do with whether his students do or do not like him or whether they aspire to his friendship. Thus, Rickman’s character goes against today’s popular ideas of the teacher; Snape is no one’s buddy, no one’s kindly mentor. Often chalked up to Snape’s mysterious history, what’s really at stake is a particularly inconvenient truth about school. Snape, a hard teacher, teaches difficult subjects (…). Snape’s difficult manner has everything to do with the subject matter of his class, about which, as he dramatically and drily lets his students know — to their collective horror — there can be no grading curve, no leniency.This is less because Snape says so (…) than owing to the material to be learned. That is rigor, the rigor embodied in the teacher, who is, as the political philosopher of education, Michael Oakeshott, once expressed this, “the custodian of that ‘practice’ in which an inheritance of human understanding survives and is perpetually renewed in being imparted to newcomers.” As Oakeshott explains: “To teach is to bring it about that, somehow, something of worth intended by a teacher is learned, understood, and remembered by a learner.”

Ideas interesantes sobre las que discutir aquí a propósito de la idea de lo que es un buen profesor.


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